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1808 trees to be planted with Absorb

Written by Johanna Juelsson


Posted on January 13 2022

Planting trees is a good way to fight climate change, forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and we need that carbon sink to fight climate change.

During December, we set out to plant one tree per order with the help of Absorb, a Swedish climate initiative founded in 2019. Their goal is to make it easy to act for our carbon footprint. Read more about Absorb here

With your help, we reached 1808 trees, how amazing is that! The trees will be planted during Spring 2022 in Södertälje area, just outside Stockholm. The planting will be done on abandoned land with different species to support biodiversity.

In Sweden we have really good conditions for the trees to grow, planting here means that the climate benefit is 100% transparent and 100% traceable for us. But even if the planting is local the effect would be global! 

Before planting our trees, The County Administration will make sure that the new plantation doesn’t disturb any essential natural landscapes, biodiversity, or food production.

You can follow the link and see the trees here.



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