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A day at the dyeing facility

Written by Johanna Juelsson


Posted on October 20 2021

The people and factories we work with are carefully selected by Swedish Stockings. We have a good working relationship and share views on social and production sustainability. 

Fabio and his family own and run one of our dyeing facilities. Their Oekotex certified facility purifies the water used during the colouring process for one week, making it clean enough to be re-used for watering the nearby fields as well as being recycled back to the communal drinking water system. Amazing isn't it!
Our factories use energy from renewable resources. Most of them have their own solar panels, and are producing up to 80% of their own energy.

The factories also pay close attention ensuring to avoid overproduction. Any leftover yarns are used to produce samples. They collaborate with specialised companies to ensure that all paper and plastic is purposely recycled.

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  • I really liked getting to read a bit more about who makes my tights!

    Posted by KikiTotoro | March 01, 2022
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