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How to get started on a sustainable lifestyle

Written by Malin Jonasson


Posted on November 11 2020

More and more people start focusing on a sustainable lifestyle which is the best thing you can do for our environment. However, starting to change personal habits and becoming more sustainable is not as easy as one may think.

We have collected some tips that can help you live a more sustainable life by starting with small but effective steps:

#1 Start by getting a good overview
What activities, products or habits in your life are already sustainable? And what needs to be changed to live more sustainably? The best way to start changing your way of living is to get an overview of your current habits and lifestyle. Maybe you will find out that you’re already on the right track!

#2 Minimization
The most sustainable things are the ones that you already own. You should ask yourself if you really need all that stuff? Or do you really need something new? Holding on to all that materialistic and nonessential stuff can weigh you down.

Recycling is the best way to get rid of certain things, but first of all you should consider if someone else needs it? Donation is a good opportunity to do good for the planet and make another person happy. When it comes to old tights you can recycle them in our Recycling Program

#3 Chose wisely when buying new stuff
Doing research about your buying opportunities is always very helpful when purchasing new stuff. No matter if you need clothes, household items, food or other materials, there are many possibilities to improve your buying habits to make them more sustainable. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Buying second-hand items, they can be as attractive as new stuff (if not more!)

  • One of the biggest issues in our ecological footprint is the longevity of the products we buy - both how long the items last, but also from a user perspective, i.e. how long we want to use or wear something year after year. Investing in products with better quality that will fit your wants and needs over a long time can save unnecessary and expensive purchases.

  • By supporting brands that produce their products ecologically friendly you can do good for yourself and the planet. Want to find out more about our sustainable production and materials? Click here.

#4 Think about your daily life and pay attention to the small choices you make
Even the smallest steps in your daily life can have a great impact on your lifestyle and the environment. Therefore, you should try to get rid of habits that cause unnecessary pollution, waste or energy. 

  • Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats for our planet and wildlife, especially marine life. You can reduce plastic waste by reusing materials or packages, like using textiles instead of wrapping paper, glass jars instead of plastic bags and ditch single-use water bottles, bags and straws, and replace them with long lasting alternatives like metal bottles, cloth bags and bamboo straws. There are many alternatives you can search for.

  • Switching your lighting to LED is more efficient than regular light bulbs, and make sure to turn off the light whenever you do not need it. 

  • Avoid using too much (hot) water for showering, washing clothes or your dishes. 

  • Reducing your meat consumption will do good for the environment as well as for animal welfare. For example @meatfreemonday is a good idea!

#5 Change your driving habits
Choosing to walk, take the bike or to use public transportation (try to avoid public transportation at the moment though) instead of driving the car can have one of the most positive impacts on your carbon footprint. If you need to use a car, why not try carpooling?

Of course we know that there are many more things to do and some habits are easier to change than others, and always keep in mind that nobody is perfect. We are all starting somewhere and even small changes have a huge impact and help to make our future greener!

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Image credit:
The Earth Issue
Photographed by Ellinor Sjöberg and styled by Majken Hansen





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