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It's time to take responsibility. A summary of 2021

Written by Linn Frisinger


Posted on December 27 2021

Over the years, the concept of sustainability has become harder to define, and today almost anything can be sustainable depending on what answer you are looking for. At Swedish Stockings we have shifted focus to responsibility rather than sustainability. The word better represents how we want to act and be perceived as a brand. We are not only focusing on sustainability from an environmental perspective, but also economic and social responsibility. 

Earlier this year we sent an open letter to the industry, where we asked our competitors how they ensure that their products don’t end up in landfill. The letter reached far and beyond, and it even enabled us to have a dialogue on government level concerning the importance of taking action for a more sustainable fashion industry. As we stated in the letter – We believe that teamwork is the new leadership and that it's only by working together we can reach systematic change and save the planet. 2022 will see the continuation of this.

2021 Highlights

We proudly launched our 4th innovation concept Cecilia; premium tights made from the Castor bean plant. Our first tights made from mostly biological textile, rather than petroleum based, how amazing is that! 

Our Innovation tights Cecilia, made from the Ricin plant. The 100% biological textile,
ensures an ultra-lightweight product which has built in odour control, dries
rapidly and keeps your legs at a consistent temperature due to its insulating properties.

Watching Sir David Attenborough's documentary Our planet, left me feeling sad and frustrated at the same time. What gives us the right to treat nature like this and will there be any world left for our children? We decided to launch a limited edition knee-high sock in tribute to Sir David, who has dedicated his whole life documenting nature and our human impact on it. It was launched on UN World Wildlife Day. It’s empowering to be able to use our brand and social platform to highlight that there is no planet B, at the same time as delivering on our promise of a more sustainable industry.

Our limited edition knee-high sock Sir David, in tribute to Sir David Attenborough,
the naturalist who has dedicated his life to nature and its inhabitants. 

During the whole of December we decided to plant one tree per online order. As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air. Whilst writing this, the amount has exceeded 1000 trees and we’ll happily keep you up to date on this matter in the new year. 

What’s in store for 2022

Swedish Stockings was started back in 2014 with the sole mission of changing and influencing the industry to become more sustainable. Tights are women's biggest consumables and every year we throw away 8 billion pairs. 

Our environmental focus for 2022 will be the ocean, with plastic pollution currently being the biggest threat. We will partner with The Perfect World Foundation, a non-profit organization working with wildlife and nature in crisis. Throughout 2022 we will highlight and contribute to their very important work of restoring our oceans – clearing them from plastic debris and ghost nets, which are the greatest contributors to microplastics in our oceans. 

We will continue to inform, innovate and inspire women to wear sustainable leg wear. With the help of our amazing advisory board made up of 300+ amazing women, we can make more educated choices to ensure we hit the mark on both functionality and style. Keep your eyes open for some innovative launches coming up!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Linn Frisinger, founder and CEO



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