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Introducing Cecilia - A blooming innovation

Written by Malin Jonasson


Posted on January 12 2021


 We are proud to present our newest innovation Cecilia - premium tights made from the Ricinus Communis, or the Castor bean plant.

“The amazing Castor bean oil is a 100% renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water and does not take land away from food production” says Anneli Melander, Product Development manager.

The new, innovative material stays true to the brand’s mission of disrupting and changing the industry, taking into consideration the whole lifecycle of a product. As always, pushing the boundaries of the traditional hosiery industry, we are beyond excited about this drop which, for the first time, uses a plant based textile.

The 100% biological textile, ensures an ultra-lightweight product which has built in odour control, dries rapidly and keeps your legs at a consistent temperature due to its insulating properties.


We hope you love Cecilia as much as we do!

Shop Cecilia here.



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