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Swedish Stockings Women – Meet Cecilia

Written by Johanna Juelsson


Posted on January 07 2021

Name Cecilia Blankens
Age 41
Location Stockholm
Occupation Founder and CEO of shoe brand Blankens

Who is your style inspiration (dead or alive)?
I wanna say it all springs from my lifelong fascination for 70s and 80s Cher and Tina Turner.

What are your favourite qualities about Swedish Stockings tights or socks?
Aside from the obvious; The sustainability factor, I love the fit and that I can always find exactly what Im looking for, I always feel there are endless options, and they're all good! I've practically lived in the cashmere stocking two winters in a row now.

What is your best sustainable tip?
To chose carefully, and being aware of the power we have as consumers. In every choice I make I try to see if there is a more sustainable way to reach what I want or need, this is something we have to learn to do on a daily basis, when we chose what we're having for dinner, how we get to work, where we travel, how we dress and what we spend our money on.

What is your best styling tip?
Balance! Getting dressed is much like cooking; you want it to be good and something to enjoy and remember, but to get there you have to balance all flavours and spices. Does this makes sence? Example: If I'm wearing a bold outfit, I always balance with a more neutral outerware, and vice versa. 

Which style trend do you want to see again (or do you not want to see again)?
I guess the time when we actually cared for and took care of everything in our wardrobe. 

Why is sustainability important to you?
Because it's the only way that makes sense.

What is the best fashion meets sustainability combo or tip that you have?
To play around in your wardrobe and with your clothes. It's so much fun! Plus, discovering new combos or favorite items matched together in new ways kills my urge for shopping new stuff every time. I've always been a fan of pre-owned clothes, and nowadays Im proud to say the majority of whats in my closet have been worn by someone else before me.



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