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Swedish Stockings Women – Meet Jordan Rebello

Written by Malin Jonasson


Posted on March 19 2021

 NAME  Jordan Rebello
LOCATION Joshua tree, California 

OCCUPATION Model, Mom, vintage collector and creator 

 Jordan Rebello in our Lovisa tights 

Who is your style inspiration (dead or alive)?
Lisa Bonet does it for me, I love her eccentric style and keeping true to herself.

Bohemian icon Lisa Bonet, back in the 80s on the left and stunning in 2018 to the right. 

What are your favourite qualities about Swedish Stockings tights or socks?
That they're sustainable, and I am a sucker for all the great prints and colour options. 

What is your best sustainable tip? 
My tip for being sustainable is buying second-hand when you can. 

Swedish Stockings and Jordan Rebello 

What is your best styling tip?
 I love a casual 70s look, platforms, and a big boyfriend tee.  And also layering your looks, with sweater vest, long sleeves or tights.

What is the best fashion meets sustainability combo or tip that you have?
Mixing second-hand vintage with sustainable brands. 



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