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As the world changes, so do we...

Written by Malin Jonasson


Posted on June 30 2020

As the world changes, so do we. These past few months have been a serious time of reflection for us, as individuals, but also for our brand. Since we've started, we've always prioritised and believed our fight to be for the planet. However, sustainability consists of three pillars; social, financial and environmental. We have prioritised the environmental portion above the other two for too long, and we want to say that we are making some changes to this.

The last few weeks have taught us that we cannot have a 'sustainable' planet if its people aren't cared for. Sustainability is a human rights issue at its very centre. Going forward, we will expand our focus of sustainability to reflect this, and also expand the number of UN Sustainable Development Goals we will work with at the same time. Here are some of the commitments we are in progress with, or have plans to do:

1. Diversity. We will increase diversity both in our imagery and in our company representation. We will show more people of diverse ethnicities, body types and sexual orientation and identification in our imagery. As a company, we will work towards bringing people from underrepresented groups to the table.

2. Affordability. We know at the moment that sustainable products are generally unaffordable to the masses. This is an industry wide problem that we want to be more involved in the discussions of. On our end, we will start with discounts for students.

3. Cause Marketing. In the past we have worked with various cause organisations on a small, campaign basis scale. We want to expand our work with cause partners to a more permanent, and long term basis. Our goal is to have 2 partners per year and work with them over a 6 month period. Beyond that, as a company we will have 1 day a year where we go out and volunteer at a local charity or organisation.

4. Educate. We will continue to educate ourselves and others through our platform. We will actively use our platform, and our privilege, to give others a voice, especially those that need their voices amplified through our website, our socials and our newsletter. We have started a Journal on our website where we will share tips, guides, DIYs, as well as guest writer spots.

This is just a starting point for us, and not the final action plan. We will reevaluate where we need to, as we need. We want to approach this with open eyes, and are open to feedback, so if you have any feel free to send me an email at Thanks for listening!

Love, Linn
CEO & Founder of Swedish Stockings



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