Behind the scenes - Our first soft wear collection

Behind the scenes - Our first soft wear collection

Have you ever wondered how it looks behind the scenes of a fashion shoot? Wonder no more!
We invite you to come along and have a look at the campaign shoot of our seamless, knitted soft wear garments. 
The collection features leggings, a vest top and a crop top, made from 100% recycled components, a rarity in the industry.

Onset it's all about teamwork! Our team included our models Rebecka and Hany, photographer Agnes and her assistant Mathilda, makeup artist Sandra, our Creative Director Helena, Marketing Assistant Johanna and Press Coordinator Iida.  On The left you can see Rebecca wearing our soft wear tights, vest top and crop top in black. 

Not only do you have to work as a team, you also have to be able to come up with creative solutions on the spot. We didn't have a big fan or a leafblower, so we had to use the makeup artist's hair dryer instead. Anything for the images! 

 Hany in our Wilma rib crop top and Tyra rib leggings & Rebecca in our Tyra Rib top and Tyra leggings in black

 So how was the outcome? Here's a sneakpeak! 
See the final result and our softwear collection here.
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