Swedish Stockings Women – Meet Laura

Swedish Stockings Women – Meet Laura

AGE 27 y/o
LOCATION A coruna, Spain
OCCUPATION Senior womenswear designer

What is your best styling tip?

Don’t be afraid to be bold, colors and prints are fun to mix, and catching peoples attention with your outfit is a fun challenge. 

What is your best sustainable tip?

Buy vintage and resell what you don’t use, and invest in pieces you will cherish long term. 

What are your favourite qualities about Swedish Stockings tights or socks?

Finding colored tights in modern colors has always been such a struggle, but the variety of colors and prints just makes it so much more fun to dress. 

What is the best fashion meets sustainability combo or tip that you have?

Vintage is key, the way you feel when you get your hands on a special high quality vintage piece, it is a treasure for you and the planet. 

Who is your style inspiration (dead or alive)?

Edie Sedgewick, forever want to be a (Andy Warhol) factory girl!

Born into a high society family in California, Edie Sedgwick was a bright social butterfly and Andy Warhol's muse during a brief period in the mid 60s. Following her split from Warhol, she spiralled into drug addiction and tragically died at the age of 28, in 1971. 
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