How to reuse old tights

How to reuse old tights

No matter how good the quality of your hosiery, they can eventually break, it happens to the best of us! However, that is not a reason to throw them in the bin! Instead, you can give them a second life and turn them into something else.
Below are some DIY tips on how you can reuse your old tights.

#1 Make a hair tie 
The only thing you have to do is to cut your tights into 2 cm strips, like in this picture:  

#2 Create a chic headband

1. Cut the leg from the panty              2.  Cut off the toe area          

3. Fold each leg lengthwise                4. Lay the cut off legs like a cross, then fold
 to get half of it.                                   one leg back over itself to shape the letter T.
5. Grab the end of each leg and tie them together.

Now you have a new headband!

#3 Bored of your vases? 
Upgrade it with old tights!
Simply cut away the panty of your old tights and pull the leg up on the vase.
Like new!

#4 Create a lavender potpourri 

You will need your old tights, a pair of scissors, a ribbon and dried lavender.

1. Cut the tights on each end.                2. Cut the tights lengthwise. 
3. Fill it with dried lavender.

4. Connect all ends together and tie a bow around it. Stick it in your underwear drawer and make all your panties smell of lavender!

Did you also know that you can send us your old tights?
Send them, whole or cut up doesn't matter, to us and let us recycle them. We will give your tights a second life with our innovation tables. It doesn’t get more sustainable than this!

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