It’s Time -  Swedish Stockings’ Open Letter to the Hosiery Industry

It’s time to react

“It’s time to live, love, dream, but on a more serious note, it’s also time to question, change and act”. 

This autumn, it’s time to dream, to live, create and socialise. But it’s also time to react. Time to question and demand answers directly from us, the makers of the fashion industry. Swedish Stockings is raising our transparency, sharing our knowledge and struggles and urging both our competitors and customers to take part in our ongoing pursuit towards a sustainable fashion future. 

Each year, over 8 billion pairs of tights are bought, worn a handful of times and then discarded. That’s more than there are people in this world. Considering they are also made from petroleum, hosiery is easily one of the worst ‘wear-and-tear’ items on the planet. We are circling back to our mission – To change and influence the entire hosiery industry towards sustainable production.

Swedish Stockings' AW21 campaign It's time focuses on how it’s time to
live, love, dream, but also that it's time to question, change and act. 


We need to question the whole production chain and the life span of a product as well as how the term sustainability has become so easy to use, without substance. We at Swedish Stockings believe that all brands need to take responsibility to help the consumers make the right sustainable choices. 

Join in on our quest towards a more sustainable industry. Starting now. 

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