Know your rights – Human Rights Day

Know your rights – Human Rights Day

It’s Human Rights Day!

The 10th of December every year the UN highlights the need and importance of human rights. Human Rights Day is an important day for all of us. Exactly 72 years ago today, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was set, and the principles are as important today as in 1948. UDHR is one of the most translated documents in the world, but many people are still unaware of their basic human rights. Human Rights is something we value highly at Swedish Stockings and they are a crucial component of our Code of Conduct. We want to help spread the word. Know your rights!

Human rights are closely interconnected with the Sustainable Development Goals, and they are key to be able to reach the goals. This year we have seen more deepening poverty, rising inequalities and discrimination as a consequence of the global pandemic, among other areas concerning human rights. Moreover, in recovering from Covid-19 human rights are central.

Here is a brief summary of what the UN considers crucial for human rights post-pandemic:

Structural discrimination and racism have come to light during the pandemic and equality as well as non-discrimination are core requirements for a world after Covid-19. 

To recover we must address the inequality pandemic. Economic, social and cultural rights need to be promoted and protected.

We are all in this together! Everyone in society regardless if you are an individual, a company or a government, have an important role in building a post-Covid world that is better for present and future generations. 

Sustainable Development is crucial. Human rights, Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement are important initiatives that leave no one behind.

Swedish Stockings has a close connection to Agenda 2030 and human rights. Our supplier Code of Conduct is formed on parts of the UN goals, and it is crucial for us that our working partners get on board and work towards the SDGs. Being a company with suppliers in a foreign country, it is extremely important to reassure that human rights are respected. This is carried out through our Code of Conduct, but also through a close dialogue with our partners that we have good relationships with. In this area we secure to exclude all types of discrimination and inequality in our value chain. Our suppliers are also engaged in local charities in their country, to support social development.  

Since 2019 we have collaborated with the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation which is aiming to secure women's equal rights. We are both donating as well as engaging our stakeholders by educating them about the social issues related to their work. We are constantly trying to inform our customers and other stakeholders about sustainability in all our channels. Moreover, we hope to engage as many as possible to help spreading the word.

Read more about how we work with the SDG:s here.

Know your rights and help spread the word by having a look at these documents:


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