Our view on rainbow washing

Our view on rainbow washing

"Putting a rainbow up for a month is not allyship - it’s marketing”

I couldn't agree more. So, let's talk about rainbow washing. A subject I wasn't very familiar with until just recently when one of our followers introduced us to it. Rainbow washing is the act of using the rainbow colors for advertising purposes in order to indicate support for LGBTQ equality, but with a minimum effort or pragmatic result. The rainbow symbol is more than being an advocate for “love is love”, it’s a symbol for addressing the history of struggle and oppression the LGBTQ community has, and still is, facing.

About a year ago, we concluded that sustainability consists of three pillars; social, financial and environmental. (Read the full post here) We then promised to actively use our platform and our privilege to give others a voice, amplified through our channels. At Swedish Stockings we always try to challenge and improve ourselves. So, how can we as a company address and work harder to make a change? Here are some actions we’re taking:

#swedishstockingswomen is from now on #swedishstockingspeople – We want to include everyone carrying and feeling gorgeous in our products.

Hand the microphone over – We will partner up with a spokesperson that can speak about important issues in an informed and compelling way across our platforms.

Do something outside of June – We will promote and talk about pride throughout the year since this is a constant important issue to address.


Give us your feedback on how we can be more inclusive as a company by emailing me at linn@swedishstockings.com. We’re small, but we still believe we can make a difference.

Love, Linn
CEO & Founder of Swedish Stockings

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