The Waste Hierarchy

The Waste Hierarchy

Doing your best to recycle your waste but it still feels like you can do more? To be as efficient and sustainable as possible regarding waste and recycling, the waste hierarchy can be very helpful. It consists of three main categories: avoidance, resource recovery and disposal. 

1. Avoid and reduce waste
If there’s no demand for unsustainable products there won’t be any supply either, so try to buy products that won’t end up as waste. Here are some points to think about:
1. Buy products from recycled material or second-hand items
2. Don’t buy single-use and disposable products.
3. Choose better quality products that last a long time, skip the one time wear party top for instance.
4. Choose products with less packaging, and make sure it's not made from plastic.

2. Resource recovery
Unfortunately, sooner or later most products need to be discarded in some way, but we can make sure that there is a possibility to reuse, recycle and repair. Recycle ALL packaging, plastic, paper and metal and you will notice how empty your bin is.

Never throw away your old clothing, donate them or recycle them.
Did you know that you can send your old tights to us instead of throwing them away? Check out our Recycling Program!

3. Disposal
Some products simply cannot be recovered. Be careful with extra harmful products such as batteries, light bulbs and chemicals like nail polishes. 

We believe that it's extremely important to be conscious about the entire value chain. Choose carefully when buying new items. And never forget, even the smallest steps have a huge impact on our future! 


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