Meet the Changemakers - By Malene Birger

Driving sustainable change in the fashion industry is not something we can do on our own. That's why for us at Swedish Stockings, partnerships are central to deliver our mission of inspiring other brands to produce more sustainably, without sacrificing quality and design. This summer, we wanted to highlight some of our friends, partners and other likeminded brands who are helping to push the industry forward and share our vision in this series called Meet the Changemakers. 

Danish womenswear label By Malene Birger is one of those brands. Infusing sophisticated Scandinavian minimalism with a vivacious, bohemian ease, the brand focuses on meticulously design with long-lasting fabrics, feminine details and enduring silhouettes. 

Our partnership with By Malene Birger extends back to 2020, when we released a special print collaboration with the brand to today with our focus on delivering premium socks to the brand using the utmost quality of recycled and natural materials. 

We talked to By Malene Birger's CEO, Ellen Dixdotter, about her views when it comes to driving sustainable change.

Swedish Stockings and By Malene Birger

What is By Malene Birger's approach to sustainability?

For us everything starts with a sustainable approach. Our design DNA is based on a long lasting style, and we create pieces that are meant to stand the test of time, both in quality and design. We strive to use certified natural fibers as much as we possibly can as well as securing a fair production with minimal harmful footprint.

What are some of the challenges By Malene Birger is facing when it comes to working with sustainability?

In times like these, the logistics can be challenging, especially for the parts we produce outside of Europe. Therefore, we continually push ourselves to embrace slow fashion and minimize overproduction. Additionally, we must balance the need to use more recycled materials with ensuring durability and good quality. Fortunately, the quality and availability of recycled materials are rapidly improving.

Swedish Stockings and By Malene Birger
How did the partnership with Swedish Stockings come to be?

Swedish Stockings are pioneers in the industry and a natural partner for us, offering both high-quality products and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Why is it important for brands to work together to reach sustainability goals?

Individually, we are too small to make a significant impact. The only way to truly effect change is by collaborating. We have made great strides with this approach, and within the sustainability community, it has become the norm to share knowledge and support each other across brands, including competitors. In the effort to save our planet, no one is a competitor.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Our ambition is to develop low-impact, high-quality products that our customers love for their perfect fit and durability, designed to last at least a decade. Products that are made with respect for the people who create them and the planet we live on. And we are committed to taking numerous decisive steps along the way to reach this goal.

Swedish Stockings and By Malene Birger
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