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Report 2023

Swedish Stockings was the first company to produce all of it's tight from recycled materials. Our mission is also that a wear and tear product should last longer and be produced with the least possible impact on our planet.
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Recap of 2023

We started off 2023 where 2022 ended, with a range of new partnerships, this year with a deepened focus on innovation and traceability. Amongst other things, we have:

- Partnered up with BCome, a sustainability platform that educates consumers on the environmental impact of their choices through advanced methodologies that track supply chains and emissions.
- Increased supply chain traceability to tier 3 on a majority of our assortment.
- Updated our Code of Conduct
- Launched the first ever Rip Resistant Tights made from recycled materials.

Our commitment to sustainable development is a driving force behind our efforts and our reason for being. We remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and innovation continues to be the driving force behind where we position ourselves as a brand.
— Linn Frisinger, Founder & CEO of Swedish Stockings

Our Mission

Drive and implement sustainable change in the fashion industry. 

Our Vision

To be the most sustainable hosiery brand in the world.

Our focus areas are social responsibility & human rights, sustainable materials, longevity, responsible production and traceability.
hero mobile social responsibility swedish stockings

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