1. Introduction

In this policy you will find how we, SWE-S AB, use cookies on our website, and how you can change your preferences.

You can change your cookie preferences here.

2. Types of Cookies 

There are two types of cookies: temporary and persistent. Temporary cookies, also known as session cookies, remain on your device only until you close the web browser. Persistent cookies are stored with a designated end date; once this date is reached, the cookie is automatically removed.

Additionally, cookies can be categorized as either "first party" or "third party." First party cookies are those set on our website by us, while third party cookies are set on our website by entities other than us. In order to enhance our marketing efforts and ensure you have the best possible experience, we employ pixel tags. These tags allow third parties to place cookies on our website. A pixel is a method used to gather information about visitors' interactions with a website, serving as a complement to cookies.

There are also four categories of cookies:

  • Necessary Cookies are required for the functionality of our website and are always active.
  • Preference/Functional Cookies are used to give you a more relevant experience on our website depending on your preferences, e.g. location and currency.
  • Analytical/Performance Cookies enable us to generate reports to be able to analyze and improve our website and services, such as how you click in order for us to improve site design. 
  • Marketing/Targeting Cookies track you as a visitor and how you use our website for us to refine our marketing to you depending on our preferences.
3. Cookie Preferences

Before placing a cookie we require your consent. Upon your initial visit from a device, you'll be prompted to manage your cookie preferences via our cookie pop-up banner. Your chosen preferences will be saved, and only cookies you've consented to will be placed. You can change your cookie preferences at any time here.

Necessary cookies, described above, do not require consent. Your preferences apply only to the current device, managing preferences again is necessary if using another device. You can typically disable cookie storage in your browser settings, such as blocking all cookies or allowing only first-party ones. Deleting or blocking necessary cookies may affect the functionality of our website.

Listed below are Swedish Stockings’ 3rd party cookie vendors.
Necessary: Shopify, Pandectes Consent Manager
Preference/functional: Shopify, Shopify localisation, Klaviyo
Analytical/performance: Shopify, Google general, Google Analytics
Marketing/targeting: Klarna Creator Platform, Klaviyo, Tiktok, Meta, Microsoft/Bing, Pinterest, Rakuten Affiliate Network (cookie id rmuid, targeting cookies used by Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network. Rakuten Advertising Privacy Policy here, expiry: 365 days)

4. Privacy Policy

By consenting to our use of cookies, you grant us access to some of your personal data. This potentially includes details like you address provided during previous purchases, in order to make your next order easier. Any personal data gathered through cookies is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Changes in Policy

We may update this policy from time to time to reflect, for instance, changes to our practices or in regulation, or other legal reasons. Visit this policy regularly to stay updated about our use of cookies. The date below specifies when the policy was last updated. 

Last modified on May 27, 2024.

6. Contact

You can contact if you have further questions.