Let There Be Light – Behind the Campaign



The SS24 collection is all about celebrating the dawn of spring and the return of light. It’s a story about lightness as a concept, and about the lesser impact of our products compared to traditional hosiery.

A product that is conventionally produced from petroleum-based nylon, hosiery has become women’s number one disposable fashion item. From the very beginning, Swedish Stockings has been on a mission to improve the durability and quality of this product, focusing on sustainability and longevity. Using Become to track our environmental impact, we can say that the production of our Olivia tights emits 44% less CO2 emissions than the industry standard to take one example.

The campaign was created together with HA/NA productions, with photography by Rami Hanna, styling by Hanna MW and creative direction by the duo.

“The soft spring light of Marseille together with the deepness of the afternoon sunset really captures the mood and play on light and shadow for the campaign perfectly,” says Rami Hanna.

We wanted to capture the power of legwear as a fashion accessory, which has the power to elevate your whole look. It’s quite a simple tool to take your styling to the next level — and no one captures the current mood better than Hanna. Together with photography by Rami, the result is timeless, showing that style is not about consumption, but rather creativity.

“The styling is classic with a modern touch which flirts with the 90’s look, something that feels everlasting yet interesting.”

Rosa Lace Tights

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