Olivia, the world's greatest tights*

*About a year ago, we set out to create the world’s greatest tights. An independent test panel of 422 women requested a wide elastic, normal to high waist and medium coverage. After testing and comparing to other tights, Swedish Stockings style Olivia was crowned the clear winner, simply the most comfortable tights they had ever worn.

We asked our founder and CEO, Linn, to tell us a little more about how this project came about.

How did it all start?

- Many women don’t like wearing tights. They think that they are uncomfortable, the dig in, they roll down, they itch. This was something we felt we needed to address as it’s a problem for so many women.

So, how did you proceed?

- We asked 422 women to try and test similar style tights from different brands, and our style Olivia came out as the clear winner, scoring top marks. We then made some minor adjustment to the waistband to ensure the fit to become even more amazing.

What makes Olivia so great?

- Olivia has a high and wide waistband that doesn’t dig in. They stay in place, don’t itch are soft and super comfortable.

Tell us something more about Olivia?

- Olivia was voted top 5 black tights in the world by the NY Times earlier this year. This is a great receipt, confirming how great these tights really are!

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