Swedish Stockings People - Meet Elba Van Den Hevuel

Elba wearing our Svea Tights in dusty blue. 

Elba is a model and content creator from Amsterdam that really inspires us with her creative way of combining effortless looks with elegant accessories. Therefore we wanted to ask Elba som quick question about her sense of style.

What is your best tip when styling the Rita One Piece?

It's such an effortless look, you can wear day to night with cool trainers and a sweater and then pop in some heels with a blazer for the night look.

Who's your style icon, dead or alive?

Forever Carrie Bradshaw, living my sex and the city dream.

Do you have any closet sustainability hacks?

Accessories! Shoes, hats, belts, socks. Mixing elegant accessories with casual outfits is a more effortless way to make your clothes stand out.

What will you be wearing this spring/summer?

I’ve been super into jorts lately. I’ll be combining it with a cute mule or high boots a t-shirt and voila

What is your favourite Swedish Stockings style?

Maja flower tights for sure!

Want to see more of Elba?
Check out her Instagram: @elbavdh

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