Swedish Stockings People – Meet Viola

Swedish Stockings Viola Bergström

Swedish Content Creator Viola Bergström is now a Roman woman. Viola and her boyfriend recently moved to Rome and shot the Swedish Stockings party collection campaign there. We wanted to get to know Viola a little bit deeper and ask her about the Roman life and fashion. 

You're based in Rome — what do you see as the biggest differences or similarities in the Italian vs Scandinavian fashion approach?

I think Romans has a natural approach to quality fabrics, and shops for pieces they wear a lifetime. Quite similar to Scandinavia, since I believe we are also leading the way in sustainable fashion forward. The biggest difference is that Scandi-style are “less is more” mentality, while Italians are the opposite. They accessorise like no others, yet still looks very put together.

What does sustainability in fashion mean to you / How can we encourage more sustainable fashion consumption?

Buy less, but better. It’s about choosing high quality materials and fabrics when shopping, both for new and pre-loved items. Identify and ignore micro-trends, and borrow clothes from your friends! If I want something new to wear for a party or wedding, I always check in the group chat first.

Who is your style icon (dead or alive)?

I have so many! But I always go back to Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy for inspiration of her timeless, allure and effortless style.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Swedish Stockings

Your best tips for a night out in Rome?

Find the best local spot for aperitivo, I like the Ponte or Trastevere area. Then make a late reservation for dinner, sit and enjoy for hours. Italians don’t rush dinner so make sure to be hungry and go through a four course meal. I don’t really go clubbing anymore, but I appreciate jazz-bars that are open late here for some live music and drinks.

Also, wear flats! The cobblestones here are no joke. If you’re stubborn like me and still wear heels because, well, it’s part of the look - then make sure you take a few wine pauses to rest your feet.

Swedish Stockings Viola Bergström

Viola is wearing Sanna Glossy Tights.

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