The world’s first Rip Resistant Tights with recycled materials

As part of the super exciting launch of Lois Rip Resistant tights, a collaboration between Swedish Stockings and Canadian based Sheertex, we caught up with Katherine Homuth, founder and CEO of Sheertex, to ask her a few questions.

Why did you want to partner with Swedish Stockings?
We’ve always admired Swedish Stockings for their incredible sense of style in their products as well as their clear mission towards a sustainable fashion industry. This aligns so well with what Sheertex is trying to do and by combining our super strong knit technology with Swedish Stockings sustainable manufacturing we are able to get one step closer towards a future without disposable tights.

“Swedish Stockings and Sheertex is an incredible combination that will help eliminate disposable tights for good”

From a sustainable point of view, what does Sheertex bring to the table?
The apparel industry’s contribution to climate change currently accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and nearly 20% of water waste. Not to mention, the average person buys and discards 60% more clothing each year than they did in 2002. A big part of sustainability is providing long lasting products. Tights are notoriously known for only lasting a few wears, but with Sheertex technology, using fibres traditionally used for bullet proof vests and climbing equipment, it allows you to keep wearing your tights time and time again.

Like Swedish Stockings, Sheertex want to change the entire hosiery industry, this is why it’s so important to share knowledge across and within categories. That is the only way we will reach systematic change and make a real difference over time.

“Swedish Stockings is a pioneer which understands the importance of partnership to enable real change in the industry. With this collaboration we can bring our idea to a much wider audience, accelerating the world’s transition to circular fashion”

On a personal note, who is your style icon, dead or alive?
Ever since I was in High School, I have always admired Andy Sachs, in The Devil Wears Prada (played by Anne Hathaway). I used to create Pinterest boards with her style.

The Lois Rip Resistant Tights, for the first time made from recycled materials, are available in sizes XS-XL.

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