Track Your Impact with BCome

Track Your Impact

At Swedish Stockings we take sustainability and transparency seriously. With BCome, we can be more transparent than ever when it comes to our products and their impact on the planet. From now on, you can dive deep into each of our most popular products and their footprint on our planet.

BCome is a sustainability platform that educates consumers on the environmental impact of their choices through advanced methodologies that track supply chains and emissions. Through the information provided by BCome, you can compare our products to industry standards. We want to give you the information you need to make an informed decision when making purchases, as well as helping us make progress on our sustainability goals.

How does it work?

The environmental impact of each product and how it compares with industry standards is based on four indicators:

  • Water scarcity: the lack of freshwater resources to meet the demand for water. In the guide, it is measured in cubic metres of water consumed.
  • Global warming: a long-term heating of the earth's surface especially due to burning of fossil fuels such as CO2. In the guide, it is measured as kilograms of CO2 emitted.
  • Eutrophication: a consequence to the release of a much too high amount of fertilizing nutrients into watercourses and soil. In the guide, it is measured as grams of phosphates emitted.
  • Abiotic depletion: the depletion of non-living things (=abiotic), for example oil and coal, used as energy. It corresponds to the use of natural resources that are not renewable. In the guide, it is measured as the amount of energy consumed and explained through the comparison of the amount of kilometres it would take driving a car.

The information is available on the product page under the tab "Product Footprint".

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