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We constantly strive to find innovative ways on our quest to be the most sustainable hosiery brand in the world. All with the same objective – less impact on our planet.

Our ambition is to improve the amount of wears you get out of a pair of Swedish Stockings tights.


We design and produce tights to last longer. Longevity is an essential building block when working towards shifting the idea of tights being a wear-and-tear item, to a garment that you can wear time and time again.

A pair of tights are normally worn a handful of times and then discarded, adding to the other 8 billion tights already thrown at landfill each year.

Functional improvements such as extended toe reinforcements, soles on sheer tights and material technology are just a few of the upgrades we are constantly testing and improving to achieve more durable products. 

Core Collection
We constantly work to oversee that the upcoming collections add to the existing ones and are transcending trends. This is also important into prevent overproduction.

Advisory Board
We started our advisory board in 2021 to help us understand our customers’ needs and desires, in order to develop better products.

Up until today, in total 624 amazing people have helped us determine what’s important when it comes to product functionality, quality and loyalty and what they rate the highest when buying new tights or socks. 

Recycling Club
To help clean up the hosiery industry we started a Recycling Club in 2016. With the ambition to divert nylon tights from ending up at landfill, anyone can send us their worn, torn or used tights and we will grind them down and produce beautiful tables. 

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The Lifecycle

1. We produce from sustainable materials and natural fibers.

2. Responsible production process using renewable resources. 

3. We only use high quality materials, ensuring high quality products.

4. Using FSC-certified cardboard, our packaging is as small as possible and sustainable.

5. Through our Recycling Program, we make furniture from your old discarded tights. 

For us, longevity includes every stage of a garment’s lifecycle, therefore we strive to have a holistic approach to sustainability.
— Linn Frisinger, Founder & CEO of Swedish Stockings
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