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Social Responsibility & Human Rights

As a brand that aims to be as sustainable as possible, we often find ourselves talking about products and the planet. But it is people that make it all happen, from the factory workers to the conscious consumers who purchase them.

The Value of People

The people and factories we work with are carefully selected by us. We work very closely with our supply chain partners, and we aim to keep having an open and collaborative relationship with all of them.

In 2023, we implemented a requirement for all our suppliers to undergo SMETA audits. These audits aim to safeguard workers from unsafe conditions, overwork, discrimination, low pay, and forced labor.

During 2023 we have been implementing new policies and guidelines outlining our social sustainability requirements and expectations to our suppliers. This includes:

- Code of conduct 2023
- Mutual business agreement
- Supplier requirements policy
- Certification policy

These policies outline the standard we expect our suppliers to uphold, ensuring workers in our supply chain are treated fairly and with respect. The policies have been developed in 2022 and have been implementad in 2023.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets minimum requirements for our suppliers, subcontractors and companies that we work with, in order to create a successful and responsible working relationship. We visit them in person at least once per year to assess their practices in comparison to our standards, and conduct audits every year to ensure that our requirements are followed.

Our Code of Conduct is divided into several sections:

- Factory Approval
- Environmental Requirements
- Working Conditions
- Use of Chemicals
- Animal Welfare
- Compliance with Legislation, Regulation and Contracts

You can read our full Code of Conduct for 2023 through the link below.

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split banner social responsibility 2 swedish stockings
hero mobile social responsibility swedish stockings

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