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We strive for a production that impacts our environment as little as possible. We carefully select all of our raw materials by how they are processed and manufactured into finished products.

We use certified materials or responsibly sourced materials, both regarding textiles and packaging. The materials that we use are essential when creating sustainable products. We are constantly looking for ways to extend the life cycle of our tights by using new materials and ways to produce them, elevating fit and function.

Since natural materials share similarities with recycled materials in terms of establishing a sustainable outcome, we have added more natural materials to our assortment. This will further extend the products longevity and keep us at the forefront of sustainability in the hosiery industry.

Looking to the future we are exploring using Swedish wool in our natural material assortment and exploring circular concepts through our Recycling Club.

Pre-consumer Waste

Pre-consumer waste is a material that was discarded before it was ready for consumer use. The majority of our products are made from this type of recycled material.

Post-consumer Waste

Post-consumer waste is simply material that has been used in a formerly finished product that has served its intended use. For instance, discarded fishing nets collected at sea.

Material Usage

By using mostly recycled and bio based fibers we can reduce the industry’s reliance on virgin resources and minimise its overall ecological impact.

This approach not only reduce the carbon emissions but also promoting a more sustainable fashion industry, we can significantly reduce its environmetal
impact, conserve resources and promote a more sustainable and responsible production.

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