Letter From the CEO

This letter from our Founder & CEO Linn was originally featured in our Sustainability Report for 2023. You can find the full report here.

Linn Frisinger, CEO & Founder of Swedish Stockings, at a factory in Italy.

Linn at one of our factories in Italy.

Swedish Stockings was the first company to produce tights from recycled material. But our mission is also that a wear and tear product should last longer and be produced with the least possible impact on our planet.

Our commitment to sustainable development is a driving force behind our efforts and our reason for being. We strive to create new products and processes that reduce our environmental footprint and support the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry. We remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and innovation continues to be the driving force behind where we position ourselves as a brand.

Longevity is an essential building block when working towards shifting the idea of tights being a wear-and-tear item, to a garment that you can wear time and time again. During 2023 we joined forces with Sheertex, the Canadian pioneering brand that makes pantyhose from a material ten times stronger than steel. The result - the world’s first Rip Resist Tights produced from recycled materials, combining their ultra-strong polymers with our sustainability approach. This cooperation truly turns competition into collaboration.

Sustainable change in the industry requires transformation at scale. We believe we can leverage our knowledge and expertise to make it easier for more companies to produce tights in a more responsible way. We want to partner up with changemaking brands who not only want to provide their customers with a better-quality product, but who want to deliver on their sustainability commitments in a real and tangible way. Better for the customer and better for the planet.

Our quest for full product transparency began in 2023, aiming to offer customers and partners complete visibility into our products. Our new sustainability platform BCome has given us a better understanding of the impact our production has on our planet.

To protect our planet, it is clear that businesses must play an active role in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We’re committed to reporting on the progress and throughout 2023, we actively worked with our code of conduct, adding it with additional requirements to better align with the values, principles and expectations that we have on our suppliers.

Additionally, sharing our results and aspirations is an important part of our commitment, and we are grateful for the many people who have inspired our work and pushed us too continually do more.

Linn, Founder and CEO of Swedish Stockings

Read the full Sustainability Report here.

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