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The Craft of Tights Production

Have you ever wondered how tights are made? Let us guide you through the production process of our sustainably made legwear.

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Tights production can be a very dirty business. Not only is nylon yarn a petroleum-based product, but most cheap tights are also designed to be worn once and then discarded.

At Swedish Stockings, we focus on crafting high-quality tights that are designed to last. Constructing better tights is a key component of how we work with sustainability — and we take pride in the intricate craft of tights production.

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Step 1: Knitting

The initial phase in the production process is knitting, where the yarn is prepared for use and the circular knit machines are programmed with the desired pattern, size, and other specifications.

The tubes that will later become the tights are then crafted. Ongoing quality measures take place throughout the process to ensure that the products meet the required standards.

Finally, the knitted tubes are shipped to the sewing facility for further processing and assembly.

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Step 2: Sewing

Once the tubes have arrived at the sewing facility, the first step involves sewing the toe of the tights. Following that, the two legs of the tights are sewn together and labels are added. If the tights are seamless, a waistband is added. Sewing is performed by hand, with the help of sewing machines.

Quality control checks are conducted to ensure that the finished products meet the required standards. The completed tights are shipped to the dyeing department for further processing.

Step 3: Dyeing

First, the dyeing recipe is programmed and mixed according to specifications prepared when designing the tights. Following that, some tights may undergo pressing or shaping, depending on the specific requirements.

Once prepared, the tights are loaded into the dyeing machine, with pressed tights being dyed flat. The dyed tights undergo a thorough drying process until fully dried.

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Step 4: Packing

The final stage in the production of tights involves packaging the garments. During this process, packaging is delivered from the printer to the facility. The tights are carefully packed by hand, and the size, color, and EAN stickers are applied.

As a last step, the tights are prepared on pallets for shipment — and delivered to our warehouse in Köping, Sweden.

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