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From tights to tables

Together with designer Gustaf Westman we explored if there is a second life for your used tights.

Innovations by Swedish Stockings

Innovations is our promise to ourselves, the industry and our customers that we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in hosiery no matter what, either through product or concept.

Combining this question, with our recycling program, we set out to search for an answer. We are proud to announce a limited edition collection of furniture made from our customers' old tights, in collaboration with furniture designer Gustaf Westman. Our tables (depending on their size) contain between 80 and 350 pairs of tights that have been diverted from landfills through our recycling program.

We wanted to create a new life for your old tights

Recycling Club
"The most important thing was to emphasize the material in the tables. I wanted to keep the design simple and the round shapes give the material full focus from all angles. By only making tables in cylinders stacked on top of each other, the entire collection is unified and easy to understand. The tables can be used individually or in a cluster."
— Gustaf Westman, Designer