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Black Tights Guide

Do you want a pair of basic black tights? So do many others, they are actually our best sellers. But we know that it can be tough to choose from dozens of different pairs, so here is a guide for you! If you’re not sure about the thickness (denier) you want, check out our denier guide here. Please also note that this list only consists of basic black tights, excluding all patterned and ribbed ones.  

And hey – don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Nylon Tights

Elin, Svea, Carla, and Hanna

Elin Premium Tights, 20 den
Time for a party? Time for Elin! Perfect for covering your legs just a bit when you feel like it, these are very sheer. 

Svea Premium Tights, 30 den
Our best seller! Perfect for parties and everyday use when it’s not way too cold outside. Comfortable waist with an extra broad knitting.

Carla Cotton Sole Tights, 30 den
Like to wear rougher shoes with your tights? Carla has a cotton sole for extra protection where tights are the most fragile - toes, heels and soles. The waistband is very soft and a bit thinner than on Svea, but still comfy (of course!).

Hanna Premium Seamless Tights, 30 den
Our production manager’s favourite for a single reason - she believes these are the most comfortable ones. They’re different from Svea and Carla with its extra broad, seamless waistband. 

Cecilia, Lovisa, Olivia, and Lia

Cecilia Innovation Tights, 40 den
These ones are made from castor bean seed oil, which is a biological material. So yes, technically you can say that you’re wearing tights made from a flower. What a party trick, huh?

Lovisa Innovation Tights, 50 den
The first ever (yup!) tights made from 100% recycled materials. Comfortable waist with an extra broad knitting.

Olivia Premium Tights, 60 den
Very basic, very classic, very Olivia. Perfect for chillier autumn days. Comfortable waist with an extra broad knitting.

Lia Premium Tights, 100 den 
The perfect winter style, also suitable for colder fall days. The waistband is broad for extra comfort. Will keep your legs warm and happy! 

Support Tights

Some prefer tights with a more supporting feeling to them, below is the selection we offer.

Moa, Irma, Anna, and Nora

Moa Control Top Tights, 20 den
Sheer, with a shaping effect around the waist and butt, however, they are not made to lift your butt. 

Irma Support Tights, 30 den
Support from the waist down the whole legs and feet. Perfect to increase circulation, prevent swelling and are perfect if you stand and walk much during the day - or just because you think it’s comfortable (we do). 

Anna Control Top Tights, 40 den
These are shaping both around the waist and are made to lift your butt. 

Nora Control Top Tights, 50 den
Nora has a double knitted pantie and are similar to Moa Control Top Tights since these ones have a shaping effect but are not made to lift your butt. These are more suitable for colder temperatures since they are thicker than Moa.

Natural Materials

Alice, Freja, Stina, and Polly

Alice Cashmere Tights
Snuggle up with a cup of tea and super soft Alice! This is how you get through the cold winter. 

Freja Organic Wool Tights
This is the story of our popular knee-highs that became a pair of tights. Super comfy (not scratchy!), warm and perfect for fall and winter.

Stina Premium Organic Cotton Tights
Soft and warm! For everyone not liking the feeling of nylon tights but still want to cover their legs. 

Polly Innovation Tights
24 PET-bottles were harmed in the making of these tights! Made from upcycled cotton and recycled PET-bottles, Polly is really an innovation - and they’re comfy too. 

Different shades of black

Nearly black and charcoal tights are not as contrasting and hence give your look a softer touch than pitch black tights. Why not give it a try?

Lovisa, Olivia, Lia, Anna, and Stina

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