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Denier Guide

What is denier? Denier, also referred to as den, measures the thickness of tights. The lower the denier, the thinner and more sheer the tights will be. We offer a range of products from 20 den to 200 den, you can filter on denier when shopping. Even though we offer tights of the best quality, higher denier and thus more opaque pairs of tights are more durable than more sheer ones. Below we give you some examples of all different deniers we’re offering, and if you want the compete guide to our basic black tights read more here

20, 30, 40, and 50 denier

20 denier
The thinnest denier we offer. An example is sheer Elin Tights, when you barely want to cover your legs. The perfect party-style! Our shimmery disco-ball tights Tora Shimmery Tights are also 20 den.

30 denier
An example is the perfect everyday style Svea Tights, one of our best sellers. Another example is Carla Tights that are similar to Svea but with sole reinforcement in cotton to make them last longer in rougher shoes. 

40 denier
40 den tights are semi-sheer. Three examples are Anna Control Top Tights, Andrea Line Tights and best seller Doris Dots Tights

50 denier
50 den means semi-opaque, you can slightly see through them. We have a wide range, for instance basic Lovisa Tights, more colourful Emelie Tights and shimmery Nora Control Top Tights

60, 70, 100 and 200 denier

60 denier
Our most popular style Olivia Tights are 60 den. Perfect for colder days, but just as chic. If you’re interested in a pattern we also have Agnes Houndstooth Tights that are 60 den, amongst others. 

70 denier
70 den is still semi-opaque. We have a few, for instance Alma Tights, with a nice ribbed pattern perfect for work or to dress up for an evening out.  

100 denier
The thickest denier we offer on nylon tights and leggings. We have Lia Leggings and Lia Tights

200 denier
Completely opaque, these are possible to wear without seeing your panties through the material. Tyra Rib LeggingsGerda Leggings and Jill Bike Shorts for instance. 

Net, Freja, Signe, Stina, and Alice

We have a range of net-styles that are not measured in denier, they are lightweight and silky smooth. For instance Elvira Tights and Socks

Besides nylon tights, we also offer a range of knitted tights in natural materials. We have Freja Tights and Knee-Highs in ribbed organic wool, Signe Socks and Stina Tights in organic cotton, and Alice Tights and Leggings in super soft and warm cashmere. 

Matte or Shiny?
Sometimes our customers ask whether our tights are matte or shiny. When it comes to tights made from recycled material there is no option, the yarn only comes with one surface. It’s matte with a hint of shine, however your dress will still not get stuck halfway up your butt!