Max Zara Sterck x Swedish Stockings

We are proud to announce the launch of Swedish Stockings x MAX ZARA STERCK — a limited edition capsule collection.

The capsule collection is made from seamlessly knitted recycled materials with the aim of allowing women to feel comfortable, sensual and supported in all the right places, no matter age or size. By putting the female format at the heart of the design process and adopting innovative knitwear techniques, the collaboration aims to create shapes and structures for pieces suitable for all female bodies. For Swedish Stockings, the collaboration is proof of our mission to inspire the fashion industry towards more sustainable production practices. By partnering with innovative designers, we are able to put our expertise in hosiery and recycled polyamide to good use, enabling a more sustainable production.

MAX ZARA STERCK was created in 2020 after Max Zara’s experience as a designer at international luxury fashion houses such as La Perla, J.W. Anderson and Alexander McQueen. Her experience as a Dutch woman and former professional gymnast contributes to her need to express herself creatively. ‘The female body in motion’ therefore proved to be her endless source and focus of inspiration. In her design process, she observes the body to discover shapes and emphasizes the sense of sensuality. Her creations should be worn, handled, felt and treated like a second skin.

What is the inspiration behind this collection?

The female body, sustainable knit design techniques and Vesica Piscis. Vesica Piscis is the magical intersection of two identical circles, with one center crossing the outline of the other. The Vesica Piscis is also called "the mother of geometry’’: because of its traditional use in math, the ancient Vesica Piscis is seen as the creator of geometric shapes, producing the triangle, square and other regular polygons. Some even see the symbol of the Divine Feminine in it, with the tapered oval carrying the power and symbolism of the vulva.

In my work, the Divine Feminine comes to life as a tribute to women's irresistible strength and vulnerability. The new collection is a form of art that highlights the unique beauty of the female body and pays tribute to its essence.

Why did you decide to pursue this with Swedish Stockings?

My work is intensified by collaborations with sustainable and innovative fabrics and multidisciplinary presentations. We love meeting other conscious businesses to create with and empower each other. Swedish Stockings works with sustainable materials and tights are like a second skin. A subject that is very relevant for me as a designer, how to create clothing that feels like a second skin, that does not limit your movement or body, but follows it. While creating a conscious design.

What does sustainability in fashion mean to you?

I believe sustainability in fashion means making choices. By creating a product you are contributing to waste. With MAX ZARA STERCK I strive to transcend the 'fast-consuming industry' mentality by offering high-quality clothing made with innovative textiles, timeless designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Also, we strive for a healthy inclusive work environment, our work ethic and relations are very personal, dedicated with love and attention, as for our products. Furthermore, rather than following trends, my designs follow the body and naturally evoke a sense of timelessness.

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