Swedish Stockings People – Meet Asabea

Proudly introducing you to Asabea, a mother of two kids and she works as a midwife.

Asabea wearing Nemo Tights
A very big question, but what´s the best thing about being a mom?

Hard to choose so I will say four things.
1. To let go of your ego completely and love unconditionally is an amazing feeling.
2. To see the world through a child's eyes.
3. That they make you learn new things about yourself and make you want to improve
4. That you become utterly amazed seeing them grow and develop.

Asabea wearing Amanda Maternity Tights
What is your best pregnancy styling tip?

I loved to show off my belly and used most of my normal clothes during my pregnancies. Apart from pregnancy tights that I lived in. So I would say go for comfortable clothes that still show off your belly in all its glory. If I would have been pregnant this summer I would have worn long tight dresses or a pencil skirt with a flowy top.

Asabea wearing Olivia Tights in Ivory

What´s the most important thing your mom told you?

She's said many wise things, but what springs to mind is something she said every day during my teenage years, when I was going through a rough time and tried to push her away. She said - There's nothing you can do to make me not love you. There's nothing you can do to make me leave you. I am always on your side". She didn't just say it, she also showed it. And I tested her love big time. That is something I bring with me in my parenthood - to show and express my unconditional love especially when my children put me to the test.

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