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Driving sustainable change in the fashion industry is a collaborative effort. At Swedish Stockings, partnerships are central to our mission of inspiring brands to produce sustainably without sacrificing quality and design. This summer, we highlight like-minded brands in our series, Meet the Changemakers.

Swedish womenswear label Rodebjer is one of those partners. Founded in 2000 by Carin Rodebjer in New York, Rodebjer embodies well-considered design with a focus on feminist and environmental values. Known for its flowing volumes, iconic prints, and contemporary suiting, Rodebjer speaks to the refined eccentric. Our collaboration started in 2022 and reflects a shared commitment to thoughtful design and sustainability, delivering premium products. In August we launch our third collection together.

We spoke to Carin Rodebjer, founder and creative director of Rodebjer, about their approach to sustainability, partnership with Swedish Stockings and future ambitions.

Carin Rodebjer, Founder and Creative Director of Rodebjer | Read more - Swedish Stockings
What is Rodebjer's approach to sustainability?

Our approach is to find partners we really want to work with and partners that are driven by the same values as us. Our goal is to aim for 100% sustainable fabrics in one way or another. We still have a long way to go, but our goal is clear.

What are some of the challenges Rodebjer is facing when it comes to working with sustainability?

We are facing the same challenges as the rest of the industry, such as higher costs for sustainable products and the time it takes for innovation. In general, competing with high-street brands in terms of production speed and price is also a challenge.

In August Rodebjer is launching its third collection together with us. What does this partnership mean for you?

I think great partnerships add a sense of purpose and longevity. You connect with people and companies that share the same values. It is easier to try to improve together. Swedish Stockings and Rodebjer are connected through our shared beliefs, and that in itself gives a deep sense of joy and purpose.

Why is it important for brands to work together to reach sustainability goals?

I think it is needed because, as a smaller brand, you can only achieve a limited amount of change by yourself. You need the help of bigger companes or great collaborations. Together, we can push for change.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I think the second-hand market is growing in a very promising way. I have always loved reusing things. There is so much fabric and so much clothes out there that can be resold and redesigned. The fully circular movement inspires me a lot.

Swedish Stockings + Rodebjer Collaboration 2023 | Read more - Swedish Stockings

Image from Rodebjer + Swedish Stockings AW23 collaboration. The new collection is launching in August 2024.


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