Swedish Stockings People – Meet Carin Rodebjer

Founded in New York in 2000, Carin Rodebjer set out not with a business plan but with a philosophy rooted in feminist and environmental values. We are super excited to partner with the brand in the new collection and took the opportunity to ask her some questions.

Why did you want to partner with Swedish Stockings?

Swedish Stockings’ approach to circular fashion is inspiring, their curiosity and unique way of tackling sustainability is full of optimism for the future of fashion - making this collaboration effortless and filled with excitement for us at Rodebjer.


Do you have any "closet sustainability hacks"?

I would say, being thoughtful and intentional with purchasing new items is key. Investing in quality pieces that are also timeless so they can be worn year after year and secondhand shopping is always a great way to lead a more sustainable life and allow garments the chance for a second or even third life. You also often find such hidden treasures!

Who´s your style icon, dead or alive?

Michael Jordan in the 90s


Michael Jordan is perhaps most known for his skills on the basketball court, but the man has impeccable style back in the 90s

Michael Jordan, regarded as NBA's greatest all-time player for the Chicago bulls, perhaps less known for his fashion sense. But since the 90s returned to fashion's radar, Jordan’s signature suiting style with power suits, baggy pants and extra long jackets all of a sudden feels so right. 

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