Swedish Stockings x Beckmans

This summer we were approached by Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm to take part in their annual Fashion Collaboration project, supporting two students in creating their graduation collection.

This year's theme was Sustainable Innovation where the students were challenged to create a collection with support from existing fashion brands in the forefront of new technology and sustainable materials.

The result was Transparency by Ingrid Norberg and A Liberty Stunt by Rasmus Georgiadis. We sat down with them to discuss their creative approach to sustainability and the future of fashion.

Tell us about your project?

Transparency is a collection where femininity is in focus. Who is the career woman of today? What does she do? Where is her third space? And most importantly: what does she think when she gets dressed in the morning? These are all questions that have been present in my design process in making a collection that is both comfortable and expressive. In this project I have collaborated with Swedish Stockings, an amazing progressive pantyhose company. I have stretched, braided, dyed and sewn recycled stockings. The majority of the garments are therefore made from upcycled stockings, even the gloves.

-Ingrid Norberg

In my project A Liberty Stunt, I wanted to embody the essence of self-expression. This in the form of creating each look to represent different characters in a tight friend group, all finding strength in each other to express themselves through fashion. I wanted the collection to somewhat feel like these characters had ripped their clothes apart and re-draped them into garments that made them feel powerful. To make the project sustainable I used a lot of recycled stockings and for non-stocking materials I only used recycled- and or deadstock materials. Though to me sustainability is more than just environmental. To me it is important to think sustainable in a social matter as well. In my case I find inclusivity extremely important and therefore I took this opportunity to use Swedish Stockings materials to create both mens- and womenswear, strongly influenced by stereotypical feminine characteristics in fashion to challenge the male stereotype in dress. Since my style as a designer is fitting a very stereotypical feminine aesthetic, I see it as my duty to bring this aesthetic into menswear to broaden the spectrum of expression. To then work with stockings that are very feminine coded I feel made this part even more effectual.

-Rasmus Georgiadis

What's your vision for the future of fashion?

I envision a major growth in sustainability and upcycling for the future of fashion. I myself think of upcycling as one of the most interesting ways of making and wearing fashion. Maybe because the world already has the source of material but there is room for a lot of design and creativity. Perhaps it will soon be standardized to bring a few second hand pieces or personal things to a designer and have them make a new garment for a special occasion by combining these pieces. This in combination with new materials and creative zero waste methods I think we will see a lot in the future of fashion. The sky's the limit and we are living in an exciting time which bears a lot of change.

-Ingrid Norberg

My vision for the future of fashion is that it is going to be more inclusive when it comes to gender and be more normalized as a medium of self-expression for everyone. Our time is full of trends and people dressing the same and therefore it takes even more courage to express yourself through fashion. When you do express yourself through fashion you stand out even if your intentions may have been just to dress for yourself.

I personally have a vision of us creating a stronger bond to our clothes. Instead of over consuming fashion I want to imagine that we will treat clothes as our second skin. Something we dress in to extend our bodies and tell the world who you are more than what group of people you spend your time with. I want fashion to be personal and make the individual feel that it helps them feel like the best version of themselves. 

-Rasmus Georgiadis

All photos by Peter Håkansson.

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