Swedish Stockings People – Meet Annelie Pompe

Meet Annelie Pompe, an adventurer, free diver and inspirational speaker. Amongst her achievements is a world record free dive to 126 m in one breath, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Mount Everest from the North side and climbing the seven summits.

What do you love most about free diving?

The sense of freedom! To be close to the ocean without a lot of equipment means you can hear the silence. You get to know the ocean, and yourself in a whole new way.

Annelie fights environmental pollution both under and over the surface.

Do you notice the difference in marine live when diving in different places around the world?

A very big difference! Extreme amounts of plastics are floating around in Indonesia for example. In marine nationalparks you notice that the ocean's been left at peace and is therefor more healthy. I've also noticed the difference in the Swedish oceans over the last 25 years – less fish, more plastic. So sad.

What can we do to help stop the ocean pollution?
  • Increase the knowledge about over fishing and eat less fish to let it recover and increase in amount again.
  • Avoid littering as most of it will find its way to water via wind and rain.
  • Become a member of an environmental organisation that can make a difference.
  • Remember that everything counts, and bad conscience is not helping you or the oceans. 

Our Nemo tights, in collaboration with illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt, was produced to shine a light on marine threats.

What is your experience of ghost nets?

We see ghost nets on virtually every dive, which is incredibly sad. But it feels good to make an impact by bringing the nets to the surface. I'm a member of Divers against Ghost Nets which work with picking up ghost nets in a safe manner.

Thank you Annelie for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us!

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