Swedish Stockings People – Meet Mona

Swedish Stockings People Mona Ali

Mona is wearing our Lea Wave Tights.

Mona Mohammed Ali is an A-level multitasker. Not only is she the founder of the model agency FIIRI Agency, she's also the former editor of diversity and inclusion at Vogue Scandinavia. We asked her a few questions regarding fashion and sustainability.

What is your favourite Swedish Stockings style?

I have two styles, I'm very into colourful stockings that I can pair with simple outfit or to create a monochrome look. The other style that I like is a very high denier black tights for a more classic look.

What is your best tights styling tip?

If you're wearing a simple black or monochrome look, try to find tights with a bit of texture to bring life to the outfit.

Swedish Stockings People Mona Ali

Who is your style icon (dead or alive)?

Donyale Luna - she was a beautiful inspiring super model in the 70's with an impeccable style.

Do you have any closet sustainability hacks?

Try to wear new item/look each day so you rotate your closet. When you get back to an item you're excited about it again.

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