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Advisory Board

We are so happy to see that you want to be part of our advisory board. Welcome to Swedish Stockings!

We're looking for Advisory Board Members to help us revolutionise the hosiery industry! We’ve done tights from PET bottles. We’ve made 100% plant based tights. We’ve made new tables from recycled tights. Now we’re looking to design the most comfortable tights on the planet. And we need your help to achieve it.

By completing the below form, you will:

- Become a member of our Advisory Board
- Be able to test new products before anyone else
- Act as a brand ambassador
- Engage with Swedish Stockings on social media
- Get a welcome gift
- Get a personal discount code to share with friends
- Be invited to events
- Be invited to round-table discussions
- Be invited to sample sales
- And more!

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to

The Swedish Stockings Team