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Innovations is our promise to ourselves, the industry and our customers that we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in hosiery no matter what, either through products or concept.

The hosiery industry needs to change! Both nylon and elastane are oil products and release a lot of harmful gases during production. Being one of our biggest fashion consumables, the hosiery production process needs to be better and smarter. With the Innovations product line we show that you need no virgin resources for it whatsoever.

So why not before? It actually wasn’t possible before because a staggering 50% of all garments include fabric blends that needs to be separated before recycled. We use recycled elastane from pre-consumer waste; meaning waste from virgin elastane production. This means that we're able to keep it 100% recycled!

Keep it 100 is our first product drop from the Innovations product line. They are the world’s first fully recycled pair of pantyhose, meaning both the nylon and elastane in these tights are 100% recycled.

The elastane used in our Innovation tights is produced in Japan. It comes from the excess waste from virgin elastane production.

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