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Innovations is our promise to ourselves, the industry and our customers that we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in hosiery no matter what, either through products or concept.


Did you know 20,000 pet bottles get bought every second and that 91% of those will never be recycled? We believe it's important to consider all waste streams as valuable resources. That's why we for our second innovation made tights from recycled pet bottles and upcycled cotton.

24 pet bottles went into the making of a single pair of Polly Innovation Tights. They are produced using our sustainable production process, meaning the tights are 100% emission-less and they are also eligible for our recycling program.

How it's made

Step 1

Pet bottles are collected and shredded into fine particles. These are mechanically recycled into plastic pellets.

Step 2

The recycled plastic pellets become yarn.

Step 3

The recycled yarn becomes your new tights!

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