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We carefully select all of our raw materials by addressing how they are processed, manufactured and handled when the end of life of the product is reached.

We prefer certified materials and replacing conventional with certified organic, recycled or responsibly sourced materials, both regarding textiles and packaging.

Recycled Materials

Pre-consumer Waste
Pre-consumer waste is a material that was discarded before it was ready for consumer use. The majority of our products are made from this type of recycled material.

Post-consumer Waste
Post-consumer waste is simply material that has been used in a formerly finished product that has served its intended use. For instance, discarded fishing nets collected at sea.

Recycled Polyamide
We use recycled polyamide in all of our polyamide styles. It is a very stretchy fabric and is therefore suitable for tights. The polyamide we use comes from both pre- and post-consumer waste.

Recycled Elastane
Elastane is majority of our products to make them even more stretchable. When possible, we use recycled elastane, which comes from pre-consumer waste.

Out of our styles containing elastane, 23% is recycled elastane. Our goal is to increase this to 50% by 2023, however, there’s a worldwide shortage of recycled elastane which might force us to revise this goal.

Natural Materials

Since natural materials share similarities with recycled materials in terms of establishing a sustainable outcome, we have added more natural materials to our assortment. This will further extend product longevity and keep us at the forefront of sustainability in the hosiery industry.

We use mulesing free merino wool from South Africa in our products. All our wool is certified with RWS. 

Organic Cotton
Our cotton is certified by OCS or GOTS. This guarantees that the cotton is grown without chemical substances and is not genetically modified. It is grown with respect to the soil and people working with it. 

Recycled Cotton
By recycling and reusing the cotton fibre, we can save the natural resources (mainly water) and the energy that is be required to produce new cotton fibres. Certified with Global Recycled Standard.

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