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The World's Greatest Tights

We have developed the World's Greatest Tights together with 422 women. Our Olivia Tights are also one of the best in the World according to The NY Times.

To meet the ever demanding needs of our customers, namely you, most women of all shapes and sizes, we set out to create the world’s greatest tights. Tried and tested by an independent group of 422 women (including comparing to other tights brands), our Olivia Tights were crowned the clear winner. Super comfortable, they don’t roll down, they don’t itch, they are snug and soft. Simply the world’s greatest tights. 

Did we also mention they were listed as one of the top 5 black tights in the world by The New York Times, how about that as a sign of good quality!

Interested to read more? Check out our Q&A with our Founder Linn here.

“Exceeds my expectations of a simple pair of black opaque tights. Unbeatable fit and comfort - might need to add a few other colours besides my trusted black”
— Helen Banks, Customer, August 2022