Vandana Innovation Table

Green""Multicolor Black
Designed by Gustaf Westman

From tights to tables! Using tights we have received through our recycling program, we make tables designed by Gustaf Westman. Each table contains recycled fiberglass and between 80 to 350 pairs of recycled tights in them, depending on the size. The pattern on the table mimics that of marble and is created by the mix of recycled materials blended and molded together in the process.

The table is hard-wearing and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Please allow approximately 14 days extra on top of our regular shipping times, as these tables are made to order.

Diameter: 50cm; Outer diameter: 60cm; Height: 60cm. Approximate Weight: 10kg. As each piece is handmade, slight variations in pattern, colour and dimensions can exist. Made in Sweden.

Also available in white, send your request by email to