The Blue Table by Gustaf Westman

Gustaf Westman, the hyped furniture designer known for his playful and colourful objects, and Swedish Stockings – the visionary hosiery brand known for their fashionable, high quality legwear made from recycled materials, join forces once again to launch a limited edition collection of tables made from old tights.

In early 2020, when Swedish Stockings were looking for innovative ways to find new life for the collected tights, the initial collaboration between the hosiery brand and Gustaf Westman was initiated and launched – A collection of circular tables made by mixing ground hosiery with recycled fibreglass, each one manufactured by hand at the Swedish Stockings warehouse in Köping, two hours outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

This time the collection contains a limited edition of only four blue tables.

I love to work with one simple idea and then maximise its potential. Everything in this project revolves around the material and how it can be made as visible as possible. By working with a simple cylindrical design, the material itself is allowed to be the main focus. And one thing I really love with this material is the contrast between the heavy, almost marble-like look of the tables and them actually being very light. It gives the object an extra dimension. 
– Gustaf Westman, Furniture Designer

The capsule blue table collection is an addition to the existing assortment (five different tables, from sideboards to a dining table). The tables create an impact in any room, mimicking the look of coloured stone and marble, and best of all, they are a direct response to dealing with the world’s limited resources.

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