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Care guide

Being sustainable doesn't just stop with the purchase of a pair of our stockings, it also extends into how you choose, use, wear and wash them. Even though our stockings are of the highest quality possible, the very nature of stockings makes them delicate items, and thus they should be treated as such. That's why we have compiled som pro care tips to promote the longevity of your tights.

1. Choosing the correct size

We have a size guide that should be looked at before purchasing tights. This size guide can be found on every page of every style. If a customer is in-between sizes, we recommend purchasing the larger size.

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2. Before you wear them, give them a stretch

Pre-stretching the tights, by placing one hand on the foot of one leg, and the other on the top of part of the tights and pulling them apart, gently, helps to get the yarn ready and mobile to be put on and stretched on to your body. This also promotes a longer life for the yarn. We recommend doing this after every wash.

3. Scrunch them up, one leg at a time

Yes, that annoying thing your mom would always tell you to do before putting on your tights… well she was right! Tights cannot be put on the same way jeans can, but we promise that following these steps will elongate the lifeline of your tights. First, make sure your nails are smooth and you have no sharp jewellery on (see tip number 5!). Then, bunch or scrunch one leg together and put one foot in, pull the tight up to your knee. By doing this, you leave enough yarn to fit over the rest of your legs, and also spreading the tights evenly over your body. Repeat the same step with the other leg, stopping at the knee. Apply the same method to pull the rest of the tights up over your thighs and hips.

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4. Only pull from the bottom up

If you feel that too much yarn is concentrated in one spot, or that the yarn looks uneven, take off the tights and repeat the process again, trying to pull as evenly as possible up your body. Do not try to move the yarn incrementally up your body, as this risks snagging the yarn and/or ruining the tights. Tights can only be stretched from the bottom up!

6. Wash only when necessary

To save money, time and the environment it is best to wash your clothes, and likewise your stockings, only when needed! We recommend hand-washing your tights in cold water, every 5-6 wears or when needed, in order to get rid of the build-up of body oils and dead skin cells. It is also possible to wash our tights in a washing machine, on a delicate cycle, at 30 degrees celsius, preferably in a mesh garment bag. Avoid putting the tights in with anything that they can snag on, such as zippers, hooks, clasps, or any metal parts or heavy-duty clothing items.

Regarding our stay ups, we would like to remind you to wash the whole stockings. For every use they, and especially the silicone that's clinging them to the skin, absorb body oils and dead skin cells, which affects the fit of the stay ups. To ensure that they don't slide down, wash the whole stay ups, including the silicone, thoroughly but carefully. 

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7. Avoid fabric softeners, the dryer and make the most of spot cleaning

No need to add any softeners when washing our tights, as they can damage the elastane. As with any delicate item, our stockings best retain their fit and shape through air drying. A full wash is only recommended every 5-6 wears, so in between washes, spot cleaning is a viable option! If only a tiny spot is dirty, you can spot clean with a mild detergent.

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