Recycling club

We want to clean up the hosiery industry and provide a better alternative to the way we create and dispose of modern pantyhose. Help us and you'll get a 10% discount for your contribution to cleaning up the industry.

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How to Participate
It's simple. Collect three or more pairs of synthetic pantyhose, send them to our mail-in facility, and include your email address. When they arrive, we will send you a 10% discount code!

Mail-in Points
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Att: Recycling Club
Orrtorp, 73198

Please make sure to include your email address in order to receive your discount code. Discount codes are only given to mail-in packages. At this time, we cannot cover any shipping or customs charges. All post-paid, recommended or packages withheld at customs will unfortunately be returned to the sender.

We want to close the loop and eventually be able to recycle old hosiery into new. In order to make that possible we need to be able to separate the fibres (the polyamide from the elastane), and at this time the technology is not commercially available. However, we have an interim solution!

How we recycle

In the beginning, we collected and ground down old pantyhose to be used as filler material in industrial fibreglass tanks. These tanks are used in the commercial industry to separate grease from water, such as at gas stations, at restaurants etc. They are extremely hardwearing, lasting decades, and now contain your old pantyhose in them! Glamorous? No. Sustainable? Yes! As long as old pantyhose doesn't end up in a landfill, we are committed to cleaning up the whole industry.

However, we always felt that we wanted to give back to our customers for sending your old tights to us. We have been thinking and thinking and sought inspiration from places all over the industry. In 2020 we were proud to finally launch an innovations project based on our recycling club, the tights to tables collection. The tanks produced from your old hosiery and recycled fibreglass are used in a furniture collection designed by Gustav Westman.

"We wanted to give back to our customers for sending their old pantyhose to us"
— Linn Frisinger, Founder & CEO
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Tights to tables

Discover how we make tables from recycled tights collected in our Recycling Program