Limited Edition

Max Zara Sterck Piscis Skirt

Black Black | Knit
Limited Edition

Seamless knitwear skirt with circle openings in diagonal row, made in collaboration with designer Max Zara Sterck.

Crafted from seamlessly knitted black fabric, this long skirt features oval openings arranged in our signature diagonal line. Designed to hug your body, the Piscis Skirt accentuates your curves while offering comfort and flexibility. The knitted fabric adds a touch of texture and dimension to the silhouette, enhancing its modern appeal. This skirt effortlessly transitions from day to night, allowing you to pair it with your favorite top and/or jacket for versatile styling options. Feel empowered by the soft Piscis Skirt and show your best self.

  • Knitted skirt
  • Circle openings on the front and back
  • Slit in the back
  • Tight fit
  • Made from recycled yarn
  • Produced by Calze Ileana S.p.a.
  • Made in Italy
  • 30 days warranty